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Typical political solution to Louisiana’s economic problems.

(Purchase Fred’s latest book of Life in Looziana cartoons at the Louisiana Book Festival at the State Capitol grounds in Baton Rouge on Oct. 28)


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Before getting to my subject—the final day of our fall fundraiser—I would like to put this disclaimer out there:

I’ve been told by one of my readers that an ad for Public Service Commission candidate Dr. Craig Green keeps popping up on my LouisianaVoice page each time he opens it, leading the perception that I might be endorsing his candidacy.

First of all, I know nothing of Dr. Green. Second, I don’t endorse candidates. And third, as I have said on previous occasions, I do not accept any advertising other than that to Cavalier House Books, a local book store in Denham Springs—and that only because the proprietor, John Cavalier, was kind enough to construct the LouisianaVoice web page to get this blog started. I do not charge him for the ad.

The way I’m told it works is this: When you, the reader, go to web pages on your computer, the web browser somehow retains that information as the type information that you are interested in. So, when you open subsequent pages, i.e. LouisianaVoice, ads containing information similar to the previous search you did may pop up on your computer screen. I don’t know how accurate that information is because when I opened my LouisianaVoice page to write this, pop-up ads touting some financial investment service appeared. I certainly haven’t searched any investment bank pages because I have nothing to invest, but anyway, there’s your explanation: LouisianaVoice is not endorsing any candidate for any office. Period.

Enough about that and enough (finally) about LouisianaVoice‘s fall fundraiser.

Today is the final day for me go come hat in hand, asking for alms. But the fact is, it takes more and more financial resources to keep this going.

What started as investigative reporting only on state government in Baton Rouge has expanded statewide into all branches of government—state, parish, and municipal. That puts considerable strain on the ol’ pocketbook with the purchase of gasoline, public documents and filing and defending court actions when some aggrieved agency or bureaucrat wants to push back.

So, please, on our last day of the fall fundraiser (You can contribute any time; this is just our official fundraising effort), do what you can to support us. Large or small, all contributions matter and are deeply appreciated. Just click on the yellow “DONATE” button to the upper right of this post and contribute by credit card to our Pay Pal account. You don’t have to be a member of Pay Pal to do it. If, as in the case of one would-be contributor, the “DONATE” button doesn’t work for you, or if you prefer to send a check, the address is:


P.O. Box 922

Denham Springs, LA. 70727

And a most sincere thank you for your support, both financial and moral!

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I’m not going to write a long justification for my semi-annual spiel. Just know that stories like the one beneath this solicitation are what I do here at LouisianaVoice.

It’s not always easy. It takes hours of cultivating sources, verifying what they tell me or digging for public records that substantiate what I write.

I only do this once a year because afterward, I always need a shower. It makes me feel slimy, but it’s necessary.

I rely on your generous contributions to keep doing what I do. You’ve heard and read all the reasons, so there’s no need to reiterate, be repetitive, redundant, repeat myself or say the same thing over and over.

Please click on the yellow “DONATE” button to the lower right of this groveling post and contribute what you can by credit card or send a check through the snail mail to:


P.O. Box 922

Denham Springs, LA. 70727

All this unpleasantness will be over Friday—at least until next April, so please help.

Thanks to all of you for reading LouisianaVoice and for supporting my efforts.

Tom Aswell, publisher

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LouisianaVoice is now officially in the final days of the final week of its fall fundraiser and your support is still needed.

LouisianaVoice recently successfully defended a lawsuit but it cost money to defend. It’s fairly certain that others are going to try and silence me as I uncover more and more wrongdoing at all levels of government. That’s the risk one runs when shining a light on those who prefer the darkness.

But LouisianaVoice will not be silenced.

LouisianaVoice is not a major publication with a covey of corporate lawyers to represent it in efforts to obtain records or to provide a legal defense when some public official decides to retaliate.

You will find precisely one LouisianaVoice-sanctioned advertisement on this page. It’s for Cavalier House Books of Denham Springs. The owner built this web page for me and refused payment. I insisted that he place a free ad on our page. Any other ads that pop up on your screen when you log onto LouisianaVoice appear against my wishes and are certainly of no financial benefit to me or LouisianaVoice.

My objective when I started this service was to bring you, along with the occasional feature, investigative stories that other media are ignoring for reasons of their own. I never expected readers to agree with everything I post. That’s why there is a comment section: for you to voice your opinions on any of the topics I cover.

Whether you agree with me or not, I refuse to censor comments on LouisianaVoice because censorship is the one thing we all should fear most. It’s the first step toward dictatorship. The only time I will block a comment is if it contains objectionable language or racial slurs. I will not tolerate gutter rhetoric or attacks on one’s gender, ethnicity, or religious beliefs. Everything else is fair game. I encourage free discourse.

With that noble principle made abundantly clear, LouisianaVoice still needs your financial support. There are only three more days of this blubbering panhandling, so please click on the yellow “DONATE” button to the right side of this post and give what you can by credit card or send a check for more than you can afford to:


P.O. Box 922

Denham Springs, LA. 70726

(Unlike the average televangelist, I will not purchase a Rolls-Royce, an airplane, or a vacation home in the mountains. Nor will I go shopping for a diamond pinkie ring or a Rolex watch. I’m strictly jeans, T-shirts, and pickup trucks, though I do own an old Bulova Accutron.)

Seriously, thank you all for your support.

Tom Aswell, publisher


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Retired attorney Fred Mulhearn of Ruston is also a part time cartoonist of considerable talent, not to mention a good friend. But please, don’t hold that against him.

Following his retirement, he and wife Roxanne pulled up stakes in Denham Springs (not long before the disastrous flood of August 2016—talk about timing!) and moved back to Ruston, which is also my hometown.

Fred peddles his cartoons to newspapers across the state and also will soon be coming out with his second book of cartoons chronicling life in Looziana.

You can purchase copies of both of his cartoon books by clicking on the blue “I support my local bookstore” icon to the right of this post. That will take you to Cavalier House Books in Denham Springs and they will ship the book to your door (did I mention I support local businesses over the big box stores?)

Fred will also be signing copies of both his books at the Louisiana Book Festival to be held on the State Capitol grounds in downtown Baton Rouge on Saturday Oct. 28. I’ll be there, but not signing books—just roaming around, trying to look intelligent and hobnobbing with real writers.

Anyway, Fred has graciously consented to allow LouisianaVoice to post some of his cartoons from time to time. The one below is especially timely.


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