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“Extending the doctrine of judicial immunity to include civil liability for alleged criminal conduct, as in this case, risks undermining the public’s trust in the judiciary, which I cannot countenance.”

—First Circuit Court of Appeal Judge William Crain, in his dissent in Wednesday’s decision that 4th JDC judges were entitled to “absolute judicial immunity” even though a lawsuit said all five judges were complicit in protecting a court clerk who was said to have destroyed court records.

“Judicial immunity is of the highest order of importance in maintaining an independent judiciary, free of threats or intimidation. But it is a judge-created doctrine policed by judges.”

—More of Judge Crain’s dissent.


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“I certainly take responsibility for the fact that these documents, these notices, were labeled a subpoena under our administration […] It was improper, it was incorrect for us to label those notices as a subpoena, that was incorrect. That was improper, and I take responsibility for that.”

—Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro, in an April 27 interview with New Orleans WWL-TV. Curiously, he never said the practice was a mistake or that he was genuinely sorry.


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“As an outsider (not living in Louisiana) doing disaster work in Louisiana, corruption is one element that defines Louisiana’s culture. There are many beautiful elements to your culture; corruption is not one of them. The voters talk about corruption as most people talk about their favorite sports team. You need to change it.”

—A reader whose comment says more about the ethos of corruption and the resignation to low expectations of our state leaders than anything anyone else could ever write. We should all be embarrassed and outraged over the manner in which the flood recovery is being handled.

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“You need to talk to Lenore Feeney. She’s the attorney in the red jacket.”

—State Police Commission Chairman T.J. Doss, dodging reporters following the ouster of LSPC Executive Director Cathy Derbonne.

“I’m not been authorized to make a comment.”

—Lenore Feeney in the red jacket, to reporters moments later.


“Please tell me your intentions as to the re-appointment of Mike Edmonson.”

—Tom Aswell, LouisianaVoice Publisher, in email to State Rep. John Bel Edwards at 10:27 a.m. on Oct. 27, 2015, as he headed into runoff with David Vitter in 2015 general election for governor.

“I don’t intend one way or the other.”

—Email response of John Bel Edwards to Aswell at 12:50 p.m. on Oct. 27.

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“What I see in this whole process is a corrupting policy that is going on and is guaranteed that this association of state troopers is going to become more corrupt as time goes on as they invest money and continue to wallow in politics.”

“Any time you give money to politicians, you allow yourself to become corrupt. You cannot have protection of civil service and give money to politicians because you have given up that protection at that point in time.”

—State Police Commission member Lloyd Grafton of Ruston, on the commission’s reluctance to conduct an investigation of the Louisiana State Troopers’ Association’s contribution to political campaigns.

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