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This is our final reminder of the Bye-Bye Bobby Bash:

Don’t forget you may now pre-order a signed copy of my latest book, Bobby Jindal: His Destiny and Obsession. The publication date is now mid-February.

Also, we have an update on our Bye-Bye Bobby Bash, the gala that will celebrate the end of the Bobby Jindal eight-year reign of error.

The date of the event, originally scheduled for Jan. 9 (a Saturday), has been changed to Sunday, Jan. 10 because of a personal conflict.

The party will be held at popular Baton Rouge eatery/watering hole Superior Grill at 5435 (appropriately enough) Government Street from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. http://batonrouge.superiorgrill.com/

The only cost will be your drinks and/or food. We are charging nothing for this event. We wish only to have a gathering of people with one important agenda in common: witnessing the exodus of Bobby Jindal from the governor’s office.

Bobby’s got one foot out the door, but the effect of his carnage will linger for years. That’s why I wrote a book about him. We should never forget what he has done to this state. The book can also serve as an important guide to the political platforms of future candidates.

The book covers such Jindal disasters as the Office of Group Benefits, higher education, public education, health care, hospital privatization, and of course, his delusional quest for the Republican presidential nomination.

And don’t think for a moment we have forgotten Jindal’s supporting cast. Also examined are his staff members and a complicit, compliant legislature, the American Legislative Exchange Council, Grover Norquist, and the Koch brothers, among others.

If you order by clicking on the book cover’s image below right, your order will be placed through Cavalier House Books of Denham Springs, a locally-owned independent bookstore.

Remember, I encourage you to order through Cavalier House. Why Cavalier House?

Two reasons.

  • First, by placing your order this way, you support a local independent book store, a cause I strongly endorse.
  • Second, because I live only about two blocks from Cavalier House Books, proprietor John Cavalier will summon me to sign each copy before he ships them out.


If you opt to purchase through Amazon or a big chain store, you’re hurting local business owners—much like shopping at Walmart instead of patronizing locally-owned stores. Moreover, you won’t get signed copies through those outlets.

Unless otherwise instructed, each signed book will be personalized to the name of the person ordering it. If you wish your copy signed to someone else (if it is a gift, for instance), please email me at:


DO NOT ORDER YOUR BOOK FROM THIS EMAIL ADDRESS. Order through Cavalier by clicking on Jindal’s photo at right and email me separately on signing instructions.


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In my efforts to expose what I remain convinced is a leadership void in State Police headquarters, my last post has aroused considerable anger at what was perceived as disrespect for the late Steven Vincent and his family.

That was certainly not my intent and to the Vincent family, I offer my apologies for any hurt that I may have caused and for any poor judgment I may have exercised in my series about LSP leadership. Likewise, even though Sgt. Savoy confirmed the existence of the letter, if I have brought any discomfort to him in this matter, I also offer apologies to him.

And while I have removed that part of the post that refers to the letter sent to headquarters in 2012, it should not be seen as a withdrawal from my willingness to expose corruption wherever it’s found—either within the Department of Public Safety or any other agency.

Though some of my critics may have a different opinion, I am human with feelings and emotions just like anyone else. And as a human, those feelings sometimes are lost in the pursuit of an objective, in this case, a story. That doesn’t justify any mistake in judgment, it’s just a fact of life.

Again, I have taken down the story not because I believe it was inaccurate, but in consideration for those affected—a consideration I should have taken into account before posting it.

Tom Aswell


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This is just a quick note to let those know who qualified for signed copies of my first book, Louisiana Rocks: the True Genesis of Rock & Roll that we finally received the books from the publisher.

I spent the entire first half and most of the third quarter of the LSU-Arkansas game signing books, stuffing the mailers and slapping on address labels.

Those books are being mailed first thing Monday morning.

For those who also qualified for copies of my upcoming book about the Bobby Jindal administration, those will be mailed out as soon as the book is published and I obtain the copies.

For all of you who contributed to our recent fundraiser, I want you to know how much I appreciate your support. This will allow me to continue purchasing public records, doing even more travel throughout the state and even going to court when necessary to get state agencies to comply with public records laws.

Thank you.

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(Special to LouisianaVoice)


The Fund for Louisiana’s Future (FLF) is funded by David Vitter and his supporters. FLF shares staff and resources with the Vitter election committee. FLF has spent the bulk of its funds trash talking other Republicans.

  • FLF is a political organization registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a federal independent expenditure-only committee, commonly referred to as a “Super PAC,” and also registered with the Louisiana Supervisory Committee on Campaign Finance Disclosure as a state “political committee.” [1]
  • FLF is supporting David Vitter by bashing his opponents. The PAC produces no ads telling voters why they should vote for Vitter, only ads trying to damage the reputations of anyone running against him. (Note: The single exception is $3,000 for media buys for the Insurance Commissioner. This is the single instance of FLF saying something nice about a Republican.)
  • The single biggest contributor to FLF was “David Vitter for US Senate” to the tune of $950,000.
  • Charles Spies, the lawyer, who founded FLF and is now the Treasurer of FLF, is employed by Clark Hill in Washington, DC. Clark Hill has received more than 10% of all FLF expenditures to date or over $400,000. In 2014, Mr. Spies swore that:
  • FLF does not and will not make contributions to, or coordinated expenditures on behalf of, candidates or political party committees that all decisions concerning expenditures of FLF’s funds are made independent of any candidate, campaign, party committee, or their agents.[2]
  • Joel DiGrado, executive director of FLF is also Vitter’s communications director and the owner of Briefcase Strategies LLC. Briefcase Strategies LLC has received $96,357.03 from FLF so far in 2015.
  • Courtney Guastella (Callihan), ex-Finance Director for “David Vitter for US Senate,” is the current Finance Director for Vitter and the go-to person for various fundraisers for Vitter. Her home address is 6048 Marshall Foch Street, New Orleans. That just happens to also be the mailing address and registration address for FLF. Courtney has received $205,000 from FLF in the last few years for “fundraising consulting” as well as $145,000 from Vitter’s campaign. That comes to a grand total of $350,000 from the two organizations over the same period. Courtney is FLF’s highest paid individual consultant. (Remember that the FLF PAC and Vitter (campaign) teams are supposed to be independent and not collaborate. Yet the highest paid FLF staff person is also a six-figure consultant to Vitter’s campaign).
  • In April 2015, Nicole Licardi joined FLF and is now FLF’s Finance Director. Licardi has a long history with and is still a fundraiser for Bill Cassidy. Since April 2015, FLF has paid her $78,111.62 or about $12,000 per month.
  • As of November 1, FLF (Vitter’s hatchet boys and girls) spent one-third of all contributions to date or $2,342,343.71 on media across the state to belittle and trash talk Republican candidates Dardenne and Angelle (who, many agree, were the much better candidates). Vitter is now asking for their support. Breaking that down a little further and assuming their spending patterns continue:


More than half the $6 million contributed to FLF went for:

  • Lining staff pockets (Spies, DiGrado, Guastella, and Licardi – $1 million.
  • Trash talking other Republicans (Dardenne and Angelle) – $2.3 million.

FLF spent seven times the money slamming Republican candidates as opposed to slamming Democrats and others.

Does it make sense for good Republicans to contribute to an organization that spends the majority of their funds slamming other Republicans?


The bottom line is that obviously, sleazy money is corrupting the system and not giving Louisianans the choices they deserve. What ex-supporter of Dardenne or Angelle would vote for Vitter now?

This is no way to run our state.

Louisiana taxpayers were forced to contribute $70,000 in legal fees to FLF to help Vitter raise the cap on amounts of money from out-of-state interests. That amount was the legal fees awarded FLF after it won its lawsuit against the Louisiana Board of Ethics. FLF uses that money to denigrate good Louisiana public servants. Republicans contributing money to be passed to people to beat up on Republicans. In what world does this make sense?

This is the first in a series of three articles as we pull back each layer and trace each link. To demonstrate openness, next week we have decided to release our complete databases – the entire contents of all our databases – in machine-readable form, all the results, all the tools & techniques for, a user’s guide, a guide to contributors and expenditures entities and all our results free of charge to anyone who wants them. One week from today. Complete unfettered access and they can download the entire data set. No charge. No registration.

Anyone can do his or her own research.

This information was gleaned from publicly available federal records, Louisiana Ethics Board reports and other publicly available sources. Corrections and comments are welcome. The authors believe in a fair and open debate based on the facts. What could be easier?


[1] The Fund For Louisiana’s Future v. Louisiana Board of Ethics et al, No. 2:2014cv00368 – Document 38 (E.D. La. 2014)

[2] Ibid

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